Pearl Wood Fiberglass Shell Pack

Pearl Wood Fiberglass 3pc Shell Pack

$1,799.00 $1,399.00

Having pioneered the fusion of Fiberglass material to wood drum shells in the late 60’s, Pearl is proud to reissue the Wood Fiberglass Series.


Product Description

True to the legacy set by their innovative forefathers, new Wood/Fiberglass drums’ 7-ply Kapur-blended shell features an inner layer of Fiberglass that is hand-applied and lacquered through a painstakingly precise process. To further sculpt the tone of these unique drums, a sharp 45-degree edge is cut on the toms of each kit, while the bass drums feature a fully-rounded bearing edge.

  • Drum Sizes: 24×14, 13×9 & 16×16
  • 7-ply Kapur-Blended Shells
  • Green Sparkle Lacquer
  • Does NOT include hardware or cymbals