Guitar Amplifier

  • $40.00 - Fender Stage 160

Keyboard Amplifier

  • $40.00 - Leem KA1210 100 Watt Multi-Channel Amp

Bass Amplifier

  • $80.00 - Hartke 3500 Bass Head & Peavey VB410 Speaker Cabinet


  • $12.00 - Beyer Dynamic Opus 59
  • $45.00 - AKG Wireless Microphone System
  • $7.00 - Microphone Stand

PA Systems

  • $45.00 - Yamaha EMX512S 500 watt x 500 watt Powered Mixer
  • $45.00 - Yamaha EMX66M 300 watt x 300 watt Powered Mixer
  • $45.00 - Yamaha BR12 300 watt Passive Speaker Pair
  • $45.00 - Yamaha A15 400 watt Passive Speaker Pair
  • $25.00 - Ebony 100 watt Powered Wedge
  • $20.00 - Ebony 100 watt Passive Wedge
  • $18.00 - Fender Speaker Stands With Carry Bag

Piano Trolley

  • $30.00 - Piano Trolley


  • $50.00 – Tasmanian Musician Hirer - $100.00 Tasmanian Sporting Clubs
  • $100.00 – Interstate Hirer

Hire Terms & Conditions

  • Photo ID with current address details plus a telephone contact number and email address must be presented to qualify for this service. All hirers are required to sign a hire agreement before equipment can be taken.
  • All advertised hire fees are per day charges. Multiple days are charged accordingly. The per-day hire period is defined by an 11:30am start to an 11:00am conclusion the following day.
  • All hire fees and bonds must be PAID IN ADVANCE. This hire service DOES NOT include set-up or delivery.
  • Saturday / Sunday / return-Monday-morning hires are only charged for one day. We are closed on Sundays.
  • Hire equipment may be picked up from 11:30am on the day of the hire-booking. Hired equipment must be returned by the hirer by 11:00am the following day otherwise extra charges may apply.
  • A $50.00 refundable bond applies to equipment hired by people whose photo ID reflects they are a Tasmanian resident. A $100.00 refundable bond applies to all interstate hires.
  • Refund of the bond is pending return of equipment on time and in good working and physical condition.
  • Bonds will only be refunded to the person who signs the hire agreement unless the hirer nominates another person at the time the hire agreement is signed. The nominated person is required to supply photo ID to obtain the bond refund. All bond-payments are refunded in whatever form the bond-payment was received (ie: cash for cash – EFTPOS for EFTPOS).
  • Regardless of who returns hired equipment the person who originally signed the hire agreement is still responsible for the equipment that during the hire period and agrees to pay for any loss or damage that may occur while the equipment is in their possession. This also includes hires that are returned late and kept beyond the hire agreement’s stated time-period.
  • Hire bonds may not cover all potential loss or damage. Where the cost of repair or replacement exceeds the amount of any bond paid, McCann’s Music requires full payment of the value of repairs or replacements within 7 days of invoice of any repairs or replacement. Where the amount of a bond exceeds the cost of any repair or replacement, any remaining balance will be refunded to the hirer after a repair has been completed or replacement obtained.
  • Any equipment returned that requires cleaning/maintenance or the unraveling of leads carelessly tangled may be subject to charges that may be deducted from the bond payment.
  • Please allow approximately 15 minutes for your hire to be processed upon pickup and return.


  • Although our equipment is tested and supplied to customers in good working order, all equipment is used at the hirer’s risk. We do not accept liability for any costs or claims arising from a hirer’s use of our equipment. Having taken delivery of an item, a hirer accepts responsibility for its functional and electrical safety and for ensuring it is used correctly.