Put simply…

Money spent in local business creates employment and stimulates investment in local services. It assists in maintaining the unique character of local communities for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, and gives people the opportunity to discover and purchase products from skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Money kept in the local economy stimulates growth of businesses which leads to growth of other local services through taxes and investment. Employment allows people to realise professional aspirations enabling families and individuals to maintain and increase quality of life. Less local spending ultimately constrains business, reduces employment possibilities and creates a reliance on economies outside the local community – often making it necessary for people of all ages to seek services and employment away from where they live.

What local music stores offer?

Music retail stores are a valuable source of specialist information for professional and aspiring musicians, as well as those who may be unfamiliar with the more technical aspects of music products currently available. Manufacturer websites, Wikipedia and user-forums are can be useful sources of raw data but there’s nothing quite like talking to someone with significant experience in music who’s able to condense complex information into easily understandable conversation.

Local music stores also function as hub of the local music scene … a meeting place for musicians to network in ways Facebook or Reverb nation could only hope. The internet obviously has the potential to help consumers discover many useful conveniences … no doubt this is why you’re online right at this very moment – but there’s a myriad of interactions that just can’t be replaced by talking face-to-face with a person who has specialist knowledge and real experience that can effectively and meaningfully assist you on your musical journey.

McCann’s Music has functioned as a music retail outlet in Hobart since 1881 and has engaged with the local community by providing full-time, part-time and casual employment opportunities, contributing services and resources to many community-related initiatives – as well as offering countless work-experience placements to young people studying at secondary school level. As music professionals we understand people’s desire to save money and get the best overall value for their purchases – which is why McCann’s Music offers pricing that’s competitive with national ‘street prices’.

Not only can you purchase items here at great prices, but you receive friendly personalised after-sales service that’s based on years of extensive retail sales, live music and studio experience.

Things you should be aware of when buying online

Often a musical instrument becomes an ‘extension’ of the musician who’s playing it … at least this is what many dedicated musicians aspire to – and that’s immensely important when considering purchasing instruments and equipment sight-unseen over the internet. Online purchasing can appear to provide certain advantages, but one should be aware that costly pitfalls do exist:

– Instruments that don’t quite measure up to their attractive ‘air-brushed’ web-marketing

– Badly or simply not set-up instruments

– Unchecked faulty-on-delivery instruments

– Dead on arrival electronic equipment

– Incomplete packages (items missing due to misunderstanding fine-print conditions)

– Sellers who falsely misrepresent themselves as credible but in fact are running scams.

All instruments at McCann’s Music are checked and set-up in-store to play very well – and amps are spot-checked for tone and functionality. And as it’s the preference of the vast majority to receive many types of electronic equipment factory-sealed, this kind of equipment is generally supplied to customers factory-tested and boxed. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible tools to make or learn more about music.

Do you really need to buy it from overseas?

When considering purchasing items from overseas sources, be aware that Australian warranty service in all probability DOES NOT EXIST with local retailers or service agents for those products. Any money you anticipate saving at the point-of-sale could eventually disappear on costly freight/insurance back to the place-of-purchase for assessment and service OR local non-warranty labour costs PLUS spare parts charges. Not fun.

It certainly raises the point: why purchase something without an Australian warranty or access to local technical support? Many Australian music retail stores and music wholesale companies often bend over backwards to help consumers in need of information or service, yet some consumers still expect local after-sales support on self-imported goods when that directly support overseas business. Develop a rapport with local suppliers and in return for your return-business they will look after your needs where possible.

The future …

The Australian Government Productivity Commission’s 2011 Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry report estimated that “overseas online sales account for around a third of total online sales” which translates to an estimated $4.2 billion being spent overseas by Australian’s at a retail purchasing level. Considering it’s further estimated that “online sales in Australia are projected to grow by between 10 and 15 per cent per annum over the next three years”, that’s a phenomenal amount of capital flowing out of the country into overseas coffers.

With the Australian Government still working towards outcomes that better serve the Australian retail industry in regard to the importation of goods via the international mail stream, the onus is on Australian retailers to meet challenges posed by the availability of goods and services from other countries. And regardless of this honeymoon-period of internet sales growth Australian business is under ongoing pressure to deliver goods and services at record-low prices AND still operate at a level which provides quality local services and employment prospects for local communities.

In a global economy it’s natural for consumers to consider purchasing products from overseas sources – but the impact of such purchases is definitely worth pondering next time you Google a product that’s also available through your local store.