Sonor AQ1

Sonor AQ1 5pc Drum Kit

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The AQ1 Series defines the entry into the world of the SONOR Sound – a birch shell kit, completed with a 5-piece 2000 Series hardware pack in our 2 popular configurations Stage and Studio, available in 2 classic, yet stunning high gloss lacquering finishes: Piano Black and Piano White.

The AQ1 Series has been newly designed and engineered from ground up by the SONOR team in Bad Berleburg, Germany. Designed not only visual by a new lug and badge but also acoustical by the isolating “SmartMount” that allows for significant better resonance and sustain of the 100% all birch shell rack toms. If you’re an ambitious beginner or already a SONOR enthusiast looking for the additional stage-ready drum kit – AQ1 is for you.

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Product Description

AQ1 Birch –9-ply Birch
•CLTF–shellslaminatedata 90°angle, tensionfree
•TuneSafe–all lugs equipped with TuneSafefor maximum tuning stability
•45°Bearing Edges –minimal contact between head and drum

•MinimalisticFunctionalDesign –minimizetheamountofmetalpartson theshell
•Integrated lug-and-mountconcept–optimal sound sustain with a minimal amount of hardware fitted on the drum. Improved lug design (12 NewtonM.)
•2-point suspension system –minimizing contact points for optimal sustain and clean look
•GermanEngineering –Smart Mount & lugs engineered by the SonorR&D team in SonorGermany
•Advanced Projection System (APS)acoustic rubber insulators –preventing direct contact between shell and mount for optimal sustain

AQ2 /AQ1 Finishes & Configurations
•AQ1 New Badge designsimilar to SQ1
•AQ1 STAGE / STUDIO BIRCH –2 X High Gloss finishes ( Piano White and Piano Black ) equipped with 2000 series Hardware

  • Drum Sizes: 22×17.5, 10×7, 12×8, 16×15 & 14×6
  • Hardware: Sonor 200 series hardware pack
  • Shells: 100% Birch
  • Finish: Piano White
  • Does NOT include cymbals or stool