Sonor AQ2

Sonor AQ2 5pc Drum Kit

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With the AQ2 Series drums you can sound like the pros. All maple shells and our new SmartMount facilitate this. German engineering inside.

We offer five standard configurations to start with, all featuring our popular 7-ply all maple shell construction (4 plies of Canadian maple, 3 plies of Chinese maple). The drums share fittings and finishes, offering the flexibility to mix and match within the whole AQ2 Series.

The AQ2 Series drums come with newly designed shell hardware and a new tom mounting system: the SmartMount. This minimalistic yet functional mount has the true German design and engineering spirit inside: optimal sound sustain with a minimal amount of hardware on the drum shell.

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Product Description

•AQ2 Canadianmaple –9-ply Canadian Maple
•CLTF–shellslaminatedata 90°angle, tensionfree
•TuneSafe–all lugs equipped with TuneSafefor maximum tuning stability
•45°Bearing Edges –minimal contact between head and drum

Smart Mounting System
•MinimalisticFunctionalDesign –minimizetheamountofmetalpartson theshell
•Integrated lug-and-mountconcept–optimal sound sustain with a minimal amount of hardware fitted on the drum. Improved lug design (12 NewtonM.)
•2-point suspension system –minimizing contact points for optimal sustain and clean look
•GermanEngineering –Smart Mount & lugs engineered by the SonorR&D team in SonorGermany
•Advanced Projection System (APS) acoustic rubber insulators –preventing direct contact between shell and mount for optimal sustain

AQ2 /AQ1 Finishes & Configurations
•AQ2Shell sets available and individual add-on drums (Martini, Safari and Bop configurations)
•AQ2 STAGE / STUDIO MAPLE -1 x Wrap, 4 x High Gloss finishes, (White Pearl, Titanium Quartz, Aqua Silver Burst, Brown Fade and Transparent Black) equipped with 4000 series Hardware
•Matching hoops except White Pearl (natural maple hoop fitted )
•AQ2 New Badge design similar to SQ1

  • Drum Sizes: 22×17.5, 10×7, 12×8, 16×15 & 14×6
  • Hardware: Sonor 400 series hardware pack
  • Shells: 100% Maple
  • Finish: Titanium Quartz
  • Does NOT include cymbals or stool