Yamaha DT50S

Yamaha DT50S Drum Trigger

$129.99 $110.00

Attached to your acoustic drums, the DT50 Series professional drum triggers provide accurate triggering while maintaining the natural feel and sustain of your acoustic drums. The sleek chrome finish and durable solid die-cast solid metal body provide a tour level quality with a professional look. The dual-trigger snare trigger facilitates complete isolation between Head & Rim for dual- zone triggering.

Product Description

Solid metal di-cast body for the ultimate in durability

Chrome finish and Yamaha Absolute lug-style design provides a clean, professional look

DT50S features dual trigger capability with complete isolation between head and rim triggering

Small footprint and soft material for the head contact does not impede the acoustic drum sound

DT50S sits firmly on the drum and both DT triggers easily secure with the thumb screw

DXT50S can also be used for toms

Compatible with YAMAHA DTX900M,DTX700,DTX502 and DTXM12 modules

Body Material Metal Die-cast
Dimensions Width 45 mm
Height 91 mm
Depth 78~92 mm
Weight Weight 260 g
Included Accessories Stereo phone cable x 1
Connectors Output Standard stereo phone (L: Head / R: Rim)
Application Snare / TomTom / Floor Tom
Pick Up Dual (Head / Rim)