Yamaha EMX5 Powered Mixer

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Get Serious About Your Sound

The new EMX5 was designed specifically for musicians, performers, or public speakers who put a premium on sound quality and convenient operation and are ready to take their sound reinforcement to the next level. Despite its compact construction, only speakers and a microphone are required to configure a fully functioning, extremely portable, and reliable sound system with all the tools you need to mix, process, and deliver your audio just the way you want, anywhere you want.

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EMX5 Powered Mixer

Price: $1,099.00 RRP

Box-type robust and portable powered mixer featuring high efficiency power amplifier of 630W and mixer with comprehensive effects, 1-Knob Master EQ™ and built-in feedback suppressor.

2x 630W [4Ω], 2x 460W [8Ω] (1kHz THD+N less than 10% CEA2006)

2x 500W [4Ω], 2x 370W [8Ω] (1kHz THD+N less than 1% CEA2006)

Powerful & High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier

12 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo)

High-Z input (channel 4) to connect guitars or basses directly

1-Knob Master EQ™

Onboard Feedback Suppressor

Comprehensive, professional 24 different effects

Metal chassis for extended operation and robustness

Large handles for extreme portability and protection

Universal power supply eliminates concern on power fluctuations