Yamaha FP9C Single Pedal

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  • Quick Adjusting Cam
  • Axle Stabilizing Bearing Chamber
  • Low Profile Stabilizing Hinge
  • Easy Access Auto Lock Spring Adjustment
  • Weight Adjustable Beater
  • Independent Beater/Footboard Angle Adjustment
  • Ball Bearing Drive Connection
  • Anti-Skid Heel Spikes
  • Carrying Case

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Quick Adjusting Cam / Link (PAT.PEND)

The chain drive gains tension gradually throughout the stroke as the pedal is depressed. Switching the cam from C1 to C3 reduces the initial tension.

Double Chain Drive (FP9C,DFP9C,DFP9CL)

This durable,reliable double chain drive boasts fluid movement. The cam at the bottom of the chain can be slid into three positions, allowing the drummer to fine tune the pedal’s action to match their preferred performance. It can also be used as a belt drive by replacing the belt that comes included with the pedal.

Axle Stabilizing Bearing Chamber (PAT.PEND)

The frame and bearing cover (blue parts) are independently smoothed and precisely fabricated before assembly,allowing them to to be aligned with the central axis of the shaft and ball bearings to unleash a smooth rotation.

Low Profile Stabilizing Hinge (PAT.PEND)

The hinge base and cover (blue parts) are independently smoothed and precisely fabricated before assembly, allowing smooth foot board performance.

Easy Access Auto Lock Spring Adjustment (PAT.PEND)

Moving the spring adjustment knob upward greatly simplifies the traditionally troublesome tension adjustment process. The knob is locked at a 90-degree angle that prevents it from coming loose on its own.

Weight Adjustable Beater (U.S.PAT.9685146)

Attaching weights to the beater allows drummers to attain their preferred sound and feel. Aluminum (3g) and Brass (9g) weights are both available and can be attached and removed easily.

Independent Beater/Footboard Angle Adjustment

The beater angle and footboard angle can be independently and freely adjusted. The inclusion of an angle checker allows drummers to easily recreate their preferred settings.

Ball Bearing Drive Conection (PAT.PEND)

The tip of the footboard comes equipped with ball bearings, allowing even smoother performance.

Anti-Skid Heel Spikes (U.S.PAT.9691367)

The heel of the pedal comes equipped with spikes that prevent slipping when playing and provide improved stability.

All Bearing Universal Joint (DFP9D/C/CL)

Newly designed universal joints add ball bearings to all axes. The seamlessly smooth rotation dramatically improves the action and operability of the secondary pedal.

Secondary Pedal Anchor (DFP9D/C/CL)

The secondary pedal side also comes equipped with spikes that prevent slipping when playing and ensure stable performance.

Carrying Case

The FP9 Series comes with its own semi-hard carrying case.

Design/Architecture Detail
Type Single
Drive Double Chain
Beater Weights Aluminum 1
Brass 1
Nylon Belt 1
Drum Key 1
Carryng Case 1